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Allergies are the immune system's reaction to his unfamiliar materials, such as pollen granules, poison as a result of bee sting or animal dander.
The immune system produces a protein called antibody. These antibodies protect the body from foreign objects unwanted, which may invade the body and cause disease or infection. When someone suffers from allergies (allergic) to a particular substance, the immune system produces antibodies determine Almstarj and deal with him as a harmless, though it is not the case, leading to the secretion of histamine and other substances caused the emergence of symptoms of allergic reactions.
May cause an allergic reaction different symptoms can appear on the skin, sinuses, in the respiratory airways and in the gastrointestinal tract. Unit vary sensitivity and severity of allergies from one person to another, as it can range from a slight sensitivity between the alarm and even anaphylaxis, a state of emergency that could cause death. Can not be cured of allergies, but there are some treatments that help relieve symptoms of allergies.
Allergy symptoms
Allergy symptoms vary with the same sensitivity, from one person to another. Allergy symptoms may appear in the respiratory airways, in the sinuses and nasal passages, the skin and in the gastrointestinal tract. An allergic reaction, in most cases, a nuisance and a narrow but minor allergy symptoms. The reactions in the case of severe allergies may be more dangerous, because it may affect many organs and systems in the body. But in the most severe allergies, it is possible to trigger allergic reaction can cause death. This phenomenon is known as (Anaphylaxis - a severe allergic response with hypersensitivity to proteins or other substances that lead to severe disorders in the respiratory and circulatory / vascular).
Hay fever, also called allergic rhinitis, can cause:
Nasal congestion, itchingRunny noseAladmaa or swelling of the eyes
Atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema, may cause:
Itching of the skinRedness of the skin
Peel off the skin
Prevention of allergies
Prevention of allergies depends on the type of allergy. As general guidance for the prevention of allergies include the following recommendations:

Avoid common allergens - allergens materials known and common usually include: airborne allergens out of the house, at home or in the workplace, Oriental certain, some insects and some medicines. Certain symptoms of allergies appear and aggravated by extreme heat or stress.
Develop a medical alert bracelet - for people who had previously appeared to have a severe allergic reaction and severe.

Heart disease

Heart disease may affect any of the functions of the heart and on any parts of the heart.
The most common heart disease is coronary syndrome different forms and manifestations. Coronary blood vessels are vessels deployed on the outer side of the heart muscle and function to deliver blood to the heart itself. When there is a hardening process (accumulation layer of a mixture of calcium and fat) within the coronary blood vessels, or when it happens at this constriction of blood vessels, it is likely a narrowing in the middle of these blood vessels, which impedes the delivery of blood to the heart muscle.
That any heart muscle mass, or the ability of the heart muscle to contract would cause a decline, temporary or permanent, in the ability of the heart to contract. When the damaged heart's ability to contract a decline has occurred in pumping blood to the vital organs in the body. The process of narrowing these blood vessels causing angina, and if what happened permanent damage to the heart muscle then generated myocardial infarction.
Suffer from angina or myocardial infarction may feel pain or pressure on the chest wall. This may be accompanied by a feeling, sometimes, sweating, feeling of suffocation, shortness of breath, nausea, feeling weak overall year. This situation constitutes an emergency situation requiring urgent medical intervention. Treatment options in such cases are many and varied, but the best option is prevention. Not smoking, maintaining the balance of fat levels in the blood, the practice of physical activity - are examples of preventive work. When such a situation occurs, there are many treatment options, including drug treatment. Some oral and intravenous each. Can coronary angioplasty catheter. Catheter tube is inserted through an artery in the groin is usually down to the coronary blood vessels, through a demonstration of the blood vessels. By the catheter can open and expand blood vessels, by inflatable balloon or stent implant supports the inner walls of the blood vessels and keep the artery open with a capacity of original diameter. There are other ways, too, including the injection of different drugs in the coronary blood vessels, in addition to topical treatments scans of blood vessels.
It may be sometimes necessary to transfer the patient to the operating room to conduct the process of coronary artery bypass graft. This surgical procedure can be held expeditiously as emergency surgery process, or as a pre-planned surgery on the basis of the results of different tests require surgical intervention.
Has become the heart muscle inflammatory disease due to heart disease caused by infectious viruses, due to the interactions of the immune system intervenes, or the result of alcohol and drug abuse.
There are four heart valves. Each and every one of these valves may become infected damage occurs defect in his work. Basic disorders are classified in the work of the heart valves into two groups: heart valve stenosis and expansion of the heart valve. Stenosis affects the ability to pump blood and transferred between parts (rooms) different in the heart, which requires more pressure to pump blood in order to reach the normal level which is usually pumped heart. As in the case of the expansion valve, the blood continues to flow even in the time that is supposed to prevent heart valve blood flow, exactly. Heart valve can be likened to expanding Besnbur (tap) water leaking water them.

Heart disease may be congenital heart valves and then expected hear murmurs attack when listening to the voice of the heart. May be acquired as a result of heart disease, various infectious cause harm, directly or indirectly, to heart valves. As well as the process of hardening of the arteries, too, can cause damage to the heart valves. Signs of heart disease in the valves and symptoms: shortness of breath, a decline in physical fitness and a growing fatigue syndrome, coronary artery disease, arrhythmia and frequent Agmeat.
Treatment of heart disease and valves are, in general, by Pharmaceutical. In some cases, there may be a need for a catheter that will help in the diagnosis, but also in the treatment of heart disease in the valves. It may be necessary, in some cases, surgery for valve repair or replace it, that was artificially.
Located in the heart delivery system is responsible for the transfer of electrical decals that stimulate contractions of the heart, regulate the timing of contraction and regulate the relationship between the contractions of the ventricles and between contractions atria. Has undergone, Occasionally, something goes wrong in the work of the electrical transport system can be reflected in: the accelerated pace of the heart, slowing the pace of the heart, irregular heart pace, or the absence of any clear time relationship between the timing of contractions of the ventricles and the timing contractions atria. These arrhythmias may be accompanied by the following symptoms: a sense heart rate, fatigue, shortness of breath, or fainting. Causative factors for heart rhythm disorders may include: medication intake person to address the problem of other physical, stiffness in the transport and delivery system, disorders of the valves and other factors that have an effect on the transport system.
Address the problems of transport options include pharmacological treatments, or stop taking a certain medicine, patient intake and cause trouble, but sometimes it may require an artificial pacemaker implant a pacemaker or electric shock treatment. Overall, the type of treatment the type of the disorder, caused by the effects of potential clinical arrhythmia.
When erupts doubt the existence of a certain type of heart disease, you should go to your family doctor or to a doctor who specializes esoteric diseases. And sometimes, according to different data, it may also be necessary to consult a doctor who specializes in heart disease.
Decision on the conduct of a catheter and the introduction of a prop, or make a coronary artery bypass graft, is to be made in consultation between cardiologists and cardiac surgeons. If the number of injured arteries, it is taken, usually, surgery and not the catheter.